Our Cause

Here at ND Renegade we are determined to shine a light on neurodiversity.  It is our goal to make every neurodivergent person who wears our clothing feel proud of their neurodivergence.  Neurodivergent people face so many daily struggles.  They are being forced to fit into a neurotypical world, a world which is not remotely catered to their needs.  Employment rates are very low for neurodivergent people, despite the fact that studies show that neurodiverse workplaces are more successful.  In the neurodivergent community, rates of depression, as well as suicide, are frighteningly high, and morale is extremely low.  Neurodivergent people deserve awareness, accommodations, acceptance, understanding and respect.

To this aim, we have found an organization that shares our values.  It is the Organization for Autism Research.  OAR directs all of its research and programs initiatives to enhancing the lives of autistic people.  They are not searching for a cure, they are searching for answers to help this growing community with living their lives to the fullest.  This is a cause we believe in!

You can learn more about OAR at their website: