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About Us

Welcome to ND Renegade, where we celebrate and embrace neurodiversity with open arms! I'm Talisa Rafferty, a proud parent in an ND affirming family. We're on a mission to shine a bright light on the beautiful spectrum of neurodivergence and empower every neurodivergent person who wears our clothing to feel proud of their unique selves.

We understand the daily challenges that neurodivergent individuals face. The world often expects us to fit into a neurotypical mold, neglecting our diverse needs and strengths. It's time for change.

Did you know that neurodiverse workplaces are proven to be more successful? Yet, employment rates for neurodivergent individuals remain disappointingly low. We believe in creating a world where everyone's talents are recognized and valued.

In our community, we know the struggles of navigating mental health. Rates of depression and suicide are alarmingly high among neurodivergent individuals, highlighting the urgent need for awareness, support, and acceptance.

At ND Renegade, we stand for awareness, accommodations, acceptance, understanding, and respect. Together, let's raise our voices, uplift each other, and champion a world that celebrates neurodiversity in all its glory.

Both of my wonderful children, just like me, navigate the world as neurodivergent people. We embrace neurodiversity and strive to foster an inclusive environment for everyone in our lives.  

Join us in wearing the message of acceptance and support. Let's make a difference, one shirt at a time!

ND Renegade was founded by Sally Willbanks and her family in 2020,.  It was their mission it is to engage people in a discussion about neurodiversity. Their daughter is autistic, ADHD and dyspraxic, and their son is autistic, ADHD and has anxiety disorder.  Like my own, both of her kids are gifted, and incredible.

Sally wrote: When people think of autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, apraxia, dyslexia and other neurological differences, they often see the difficulties that go along with these conditions, while overlooking the extraordinary gifts these individuals have to offer.  They are the game-changers of the world, and it is time we started to recognize this.  In the words of Temple Grandin, neurodivergent people are "different, not less", and we aim to make this known.

We have created the ND Renegade Grant for Autism Diagnosis.  A portion of profits goes toward this grant.  To learn more, visit:

Thanks for joining our NeuroSquad!

With love and solidarity, The ND Renegade Team


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