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About Us

Hello there! I'm Talisa Rafferty, a proud parent in an ND affirming family. Both of my wonderful children, just like me, navigate the world with ADHD, and my daughter also bravely manages Tourette Syndrome. We embrace neurodiversity and strive to foster an inclusive environment for everyone in our lives.  

My husband, prior to our marriage, acquired an accessibility franchise in New Hampshire and Maine. As a family deeply committed to making a positive difference, we have been running a business that provides accessibility equipment to those in need.

The journey with our t-shirt business began when a few weeks ago, a beautiful moment of clarity happened. My daughter expressed how much joy it brings her when we proudly wear shirts promoting Tourette Syndrome awareness. Following her heartwarming revelation, my son inquired if we could find shirts related to ADHD. This sparked an idea.

It was serendipity when one night, an email appeared about a mom looking to sell her t-shirt business. This felt like destiny calling, and we knew we had to seize this opportunity to spread awareness, understanding, and acceptance for ADHD and Tourette Syndrome. Our aim is to share our journey and contribute positively to our community.

Join us in wearing the message of acceptance and support. Let's make a difference, one shirt at a time!

ND Renegade was founded by Sally Willbanks and her family,.  It was their mission it is to engage people in a discussion about neurodiversity. Their daughter is autistic, ADHD and dyspraxic, and their son is autistic, ADHD and has anxiety disorder.  Like my own, both of her kids are gifted, and incredible.

Sally wrote: When people think of autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, apraxia, dyslexia and other neurological differences, they often see the difficulties that go along with these conditions, while overlooking the extraordinary gifts these individuals have to offer.  They are the game-changers of the world, and it is time we started to recognize this.  In the words of Temple Grandin, neurodivergent people are "different, not less", and we aim to make this known.

We have created the ND Renegade Grant for Autism Diagnosis.  A portion of profits goes toward this grant.  To learn more, visit:

Thanks for joining our NeuroSquad!

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