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Sally Willbanks is the founder of ND Renegade.  She is an award-winning Australian artist who made a career change when she decided to start this clothing brand, with the intention of instilling pride in the neurodivergent population, including her two children.  Sally is the creator of all of ND Renegade's designs.

Sally is also a neurodiversity advocate. 

She has published a book called "After Your Child's Autism Diagnosis" which is a short, supportive guide for parents of newly diagnosed autistic children.  You can purchase a copy here:

After Your Child's Autism Diagnosis   



For the audio version, go to GOOGLE:


She has been a guest on the following podcasts:


Autism Mastermind

Adventures in Autism 

Living the Sky Life


Parenting + Business = ?

Strong, Single and Human


 Sally on Beacon College's "A World of Difference":


Sally and Aubrey Page from the CSH Collab chat about FASD, Anxiety and Neurodiversity:


Sally and Boo interviewed on Shelley Kenow's show #NoLimits:


Sally and children's book author Sivan Hong on IG Live:


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