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Our Mission

Firstly, here are some important estimates:

Between 1-2% of the world population is autistic.

The mean worldwide prevalence of ADHD is 2.2%. 

5-10% of the population is dyslexic, but it is thought this could be as high as 17%.

Up to 10% of the population is dyspraxic, with up to 2% being severely affected.

As much as 7% of the population has dyscalculia.

Approximately 3,000,000 people in the US have Tourette Syndrome.

These are just a few of the neurological differences that fall under the umbrella of neurodiversity.  With estimates of neurodivergent people being this high, it is a wonder that we still find the need to bring awareness to these differences.  But here we are.

Neurodiversity simply means differences in neurological functioning and includes neurotypical functioning.  It is as undeniable a fact as the diversity we find in skin colour, hair colour, diet and other human differences.  Neurodiversity is essential to the human race, if only for the wealth of ideas neurodivergent people bring to the table.  Neurodivergent people see the world differently, and without them we would have a less creative, less inventive, and we believe, less empathic society.  Despite the undeniable benefits neurodiversity brings to the world, our culture is not accommodating to neurodivergent people, and this absolutely has to change.

To this end, we at ND Renegade aim to shine a light on neurodiversity.  We want to bring neurodiversity to people’s awareness, and to start conversations about this essential but often ignored human truth.  We also want neurodivergent people to stand tall in their neurodivergence.  It is often the case that neurodivergent people feel shunned for their differences, and we want them instead to feel proud.  Differences make the world a beautiful, exciting and unusual place to live, and we fully believe that neurodivergent people are the game changers of our future.

Our clothing is fashionable, raising awareness in style.  All of our tees are tagless, and we have chosen the most comfortable apparel to print on that we can find.  We support our wearers and want to help others understand by explaining something about the wearer that is not visually recognizable.