Here is the amazing Chloe Hayden (@princessaspien) sporting our B&W Flowers tee.  Don't forget to check out her YouTube channel! :)

And here is the awesome Lindsey Ringeling (@linzrinz) promotion our Operating System tee.  You can find her on TikTok and IG


The beautiful Ariel Cullison (@ariel.cullison) sporting our Authentic tee.  She can also be found on TikTok and IG :)


The inspirational singer songwriter Amirah Ali singing her new single You Are My Land, wearing our Aspie sweathsirt!  She can be found on TikTok and IG @amirah_360.



"I really love what you are striving to achieve with your products.  To openly talk about differences is so positive and it really hits my heart xx  I love my purchases and will wear them with pride, furthermore to allow others to comment on the tees' prints to gain greater understanding and provoke conversation about difference."

- Simone, Mollymook Australia

"I received my shirt this past weekend and I love it"


"Guess who picked up my shirt today???  I did!  I LOVE IT!!!"


"Can we talk about how silky soft these TAGLESS shirts are by @ndrenegade?  Also, the sleeves don't do that awkward flare out thing that a lot of short sleeved girl's shirts do.  Thank you ND Renegade!"


"I'm glad to support such a great company!  I just received my shirt and love wearing it as a proud autistic person!"


"Hello!  I just stumbled on your page and had to tell you how much I love it!!!  Yes, ADHDer here and mom of 2 neurodivergent teens and elementary school teacher.  I love your creative take on the symptoms or characteristics, such as the line of cars t-shirt.  Absolutely precious!  Thank you for your work.  It's important."


"Thanks for the great products!  Love what y'all are doing."


"I have to say I've seen a lot of people try and make t-shirts and stuff and yours are the first that are actually cool looking.  Not kitschy or anything.  I love them!"


"I just wanted to reach out and say I just caught up on your IG feed and I'm blown away - you guys are really doing the most positive/cool stuff out.  The biggest thing that I see that's so critical to me is it's in no way polarizing.  It's not stigmatizing, too radical etc.  It's something that the whole community can get behind.  I really just wanted to say that and that I wear my NDR hat every day while running a human services agency via zoom, which is such an NDR thing to do!"

Dave from @soundslikeautism

"Autism shirts that don't use the colour blue or puzzle pieces do in fact exist!  I definitely ride on the spectrum and always have.  Thank you ND Renegade for sending me this epic shirt!  It's a subtle but cool shirt, when I'm really just autistic and loud."