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The brilliant Paige Layle (@paigelayle) in our AutieGirl tee.  Find her on TikTok and Instagram, she's one to watch!

Here is the amazing Chloe Hayden (@princessaspien) sporting our B&W Flowers tee.  Don't forget to check out her YouTube channel! :)

And here is the awesome Lindsey Ringeling (@linzrinz) promoting our Operating System tee.  You can find her on TikTok and IG.


The beautiful Ariel Cullison (@ariel.cullison) sporting our Authentic tee.  She can also be found on TikTok and IG :)


The inspirational singer songwriter Amirah Ali singing her new single You Are My Land, wearing our Aspie sweathsirt!  She can be found on TikTok and IG @amirah_360.


Here is Jenni Chapman repping ND Renegade in one of her brilliant YouTube videos.  Check her out on YouTube (her videos are informative AND fun to watch), or on IG @aliandjenni.


How great are these girls? All Abilities Cheer and Dance is a studio that offers recreation, competition and online cheer and dance classes solely for people with disabilities. They are located in Adelaide, South Australia. This short video of some of their girls wearing our tees was a surprise to us!

@itsfionaspeaks tries on her Stim Freely hoodie for the first time.

 @ratmanfromshanker represting.  Loving this vid! 

The ubercool @neuropvthy representing


Are we REALLY keeping up with the Kardashians?  It looks like we are!



"Just wanted to let you know that whenever I wear my neurodiversity cap I feel so confident. It’s like a crown instead of a mask. I also adore my tee. I will post on my story a picture of me in them soon. Thank yoooou."

- @1604carys

"I really love what you are striving to achieve with your products.  To openly talk about differences is so positive and it really hits my heart xx  I love my purchases and will wear them with pride, furthermore to allow others to comment on the tees' prints to gain greater understanding and provoke conversation about difference."

- Simone, Mollymook Australia

"I received my shirt this past weekend and I love it"


"Guess who picked up my shirt today???  I did!  I LOVE IT!!!"


"Can we talk about how silky soft these TAGLESS shirts are by @ndrenegade?  Also, the sleeves don't do that awkward flare out thing that a lot of short sleeved girl's shirts do.  Thank you ND Renegade!"


"I'm glad to support such a great company!  I just received my shirt and love wearing it as a proud autistic person!"


"Hello!  I just stumbled on your page and had to tell you how much I love it!!!  Yes, ADHDer here and mom of 2 neurodivergent teens and elementary school teacher.  I love your creative take on the symptoms or characteristics, such as the line of cars t-shirt.  Absolutely precious!  Thank you for your work.  It's important."


"Thanks for the great products!  Love what y'all are doing."


"I have to say I've seen a lot of people try and make t-shirts and stuff and yours are the first that are actually cool looking.  Not kitschy or anything.  I love them!"


"I just wanted to reach out and say I just caught up on your IG feed and I'm blown away - you guys are really doing the most positive/cool stuff out.  The biggest thing that I see that's so critical to me is it's in no way polarizing.  It's not stigmatizing, too radical etc.  It's something that the whole community can get behind.  I really just wanted to say that and that I wear my NDR hat every day while running a human services agency via zoom, which is such an NDR thing to do!"

Dave from @soundslikeautism

"Autism shirts that don't use the colour blue or puzzle pieces do in fact exist!  I definitely ride on the spectrum and always have.  Thank you ND Renegade for sending me this epic shirt!  It's a subtle but cool shirt, when I'm really just autistic and loud."


"I absolutely love this hoodie, the way it subtly spreads awarness and pride, the colour (there are more colour options) and of course the fact it's so incredibly comfortable.  It has really soft fabric on the inside and the outside is a different fabric but just as sensory friendly :)  ND Renegade is a really wonderful shop which sells clothes related to ADHD, autism and neurodiversity in general."


"ND Renegade coming in clutch with the only good looking neurodivergent merch.  So glad there are other options besides puzzle piece stuff."


"I just wanted to say thank you for creating a brand that's inclusive to autistic poeple like myself and I absolutely love your clothing."


"We're in love with the quality too!  Multiple spills, numerous washes and still looks brand new."


"I was looking so long for a shirt that looks awesome to embrace my ADHD and show that I'm not going to hide anymore. Especially because there are so many girls that are undiagnosed and think they are just dumb and annoying like I did before I got diagnosed. I was bullied for my ADHD symptoms a lot when I grew up and I don't think of it as a superpower because to me it isn't, it is a disability and a burden. But it makes me who I am and I love myself with ADHD. And I felt so empowered by buying two shirts from you. Thank you for making beautiful shirts that make me feel powerfull. I'm not afraid to be myself anymore. And I'm not afraid to show who I am anymore. Keep going, you guys are awesome. And so am I. And everyone who has ADHD and/or is on the spectrum!"


"Ever wanted to wear something that you would be recognised by?  Ever wanted something to wear that allows you to embrace your neurodiversity?  Ever wanted to embrace your awesomeness but you didn't know how?  Maybe you're an autistic person or an ADHDer and didn't know how to embrace that.
Introducing ND Renegade!
So here's one of the shirts that I'm wearing from ND Renegade where it has the cute little flowers with the leaves and the naturally neurodivergent sign!
Which allows me to express myself as a neurodivergent person and as an autistic person, something I struggled to do before because nothing like this ever existed for us.
THANK YOU ND RENEGADE THE GOAT (Greatest Of All Time in neurodiverse and inclusive clothing for everyone and anyone!)
@ndrenegade honestly thank you though, I was literally about to record a YT video and found out that my shirt and apparel that I bought from you had arrived and was so excited! Keep doing what you're doing because it's insane and amazing 😊😇✌😄 "


“I freaking love this shirt.  I know it sounds weird but it’s comforting to have one that makes me feel less alone.  It’s so weird…I really thought that I was somehow fundamentally built wrong, but through ND Renegade I’m seeing that I’m just different, but in ways I can adapt to make “superpowers”/useful instead of negatives/less thans.  I mean it.  You make the world a little less alone for a lot of people.”


"You can not imagine how happy you have made my nonverbal son.  I LOVE YOUR SHOP."