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ND Renegade's Grant Program

We have decided to start the ND Renegade Grant for Autism Diagnosis.

Our grant will pay for up to US $2000 of medical costs for an individual to be professionally assessed for autism.

We give 10% of our profits to our grant program with the specific purpose to help people afford to get an autism diagnosis.  There are many hurdles to getting a diagnosis, one of them being cost.  We aim to help with this.  The recipient of our grant will need to do the legwork to find the right medical specialist - research is key here, and steps will be taken to find one that is experienced in cases similar to that of the grant recipient. (We will help when/if we can).  We will then contribute up to US $2000 to put toward the medical bill.  We understand that this might not cover the entire cost, but we sure hope it goes a long way.

You may apply for yourself or your child.  Grant applications will open in the spring of 2024.

                    -   The ND Renegade team


** A note on free and low-cost diagnosis in the US:

You can get assessed for free through State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies.  Click on this link to find your state:

You may also get assessed for free by participating in research studies.  Google you state + 'autism research studies' to find more information.  The following websites might be helpful:

For financial assistance in getting assessed, the following sites might be helpful:

Children aged 0-3 can get assessed through early intervention, and children aged 4 to graduation (or age 22 if it comes first) are eligible for special education evaluations through the school system.  An educational diagnosis is harder to get than a medical one, so you might find a special education lawyer or advocate helpful.

US states have differing mandates for insurance coverage of autism assessment and care.  Click on this link to find the mandates in your state: